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Jim HeilNAME: Jim Heil
RESIDENCE: Calgary, Canada
EMAIL: INVOLVMENT: QuakersOnline Internet Ministry; Conservative Quakers of Canada.

Themistoklis J. PapaioannouNAME: Themistoklis J. Papaioannou
INVOLVEMENT: Christian Quaker Internet Mission, Affiliate member of OYM.

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Quaker Meetings

Crossroads Friends - Monthly meeting in various locations in Michigan. Information and resource website updated regularly.

Friends in Christ Meeting for Worship - New conservative Friends worship group in northern Michigan.

Quakers Online Community - an online gathering hoping to provide fellowship to isolated friends and those looking to expand their relationships. Complete with chatroom, membership profiles, mailboxes etc.

To search for Quaker Meeting affiliated with Friends General Conference, Evangelical Friends International or Friends United Meeting go to (Being the smallest branch of quakerism, Conservative (Wilburite) Quakers have a hard time finding meetings and often participate in the meetings of other Friend's denominations.)

Quaker writing
quaker info

Quaker Heritage Press aims to restore and make available early historical Quaker writings that have gone out of print.

The Conservative Friend - An Unofficial Outreach of Ohio Yearly Meeting of Friends.

Christian Quaker - a great resource for anyone interested in Conservative Christian Quakerism.

quaker mission

Conservative Quakers of America - upholding the beliefs and traditions and the Religious Society of Friends. Promoting events of Ohio Yearly Meeting.

Quakers In Romania - Internet mission to establish a Quaker presence in the Country of Romania. Content in Romanian.

Quakers in Greece - an online community in Greek for those who are interested in the Religious Society of Friends, but don't have the opportunity to fellowship.

cool websites

Quaker is the New Punk! - "Renegade Quaker", Jim Heil's, quakerblog site. The rules have all changed.

Quaker Anne - A plain Quaker in Michigan who writes children's farm stories with Christian emphasis and features them at her site along with plain dress information.

The Rosewater Foundation - a charity supporting the continuation and development of Online Communities.

Gypsy Bees - Quaker family run business provides raw local honeys, pure beeswax candles, herbal-based holistic skin care products, and hand-crafted items from our Amish neighbors. Front-door, Farmer's Market, internet, and mail-order sales.

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